Having a great career is far more about who you already are than what you want to be.  Instead of trying to fit ourselves into a “profession box”, we help our clients understand who they fundamentally are and pick the box that would be the best fit for them.

We meet our clients right where they are in the career cycle:

  • Targeting: Deciding what you want your next move or long term career path to be
  • Strategy:  Figuring out how to get what you want
  • Tools Development: Building resume, cover letter, positioning and presence to go get it
  • Visibility and Outreach: Creating the best opportunities in the fastest way possible to get what you want
  • Interviewing:  Putting your best foot forward to get what you want and asking the right questions to see if you really want a specific job
  • Negotiation:  Getting the best terms while negotiating job offers
  • Working:  Defining and creating a mindset that serves your goals at work.

We use our information-finding and coaching skills to help our clients understand the real truth about what they want, using our marketing skills to create the tools to go get it, and add our experience as an executive and a hiring manager to support them in going about getting it in a way simultaneously increases their chances of getting it while maintaining their authenticity and confidence.

Work with Outside the Box careers:


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