Extreme Resume Makeover

If you’re getting ready to shift from an individual contributor to executive search, transition careers, or haven’t updated your resume in a long time, the Extreme Resume Makeover is an in-depth complete rewrite of your resume.

Using tested and time honored marketing techniques, our resume rewrites is it clearly communicate professional value and direction, appeal to recruiters, have the proper keyword optimization for better visibility and HR selection, awesome formatting to appeal to the hiring manager 30 second scan, and amazing stories implanted to help you shine in interviews.

This package includes:

  • One 30 minute kickoff call to discuss career goals and resume preference
  • One 90 minute session in-person or virtual to go through in-depth job history
  • Exercises to improve resume and interview storytelling and communication of value
  • Selection of the preferred resume format
  • A final 60 minute review session to fine tune the resume and discuss next stage job search strategy