Proven methods to gain greater freedom and success in the art of work.


I offer 1:1 coaching to support clients in gaining greater personal freedom and success in the art of work by virtual conference, phone, in-person at my office in Oakland or at your location in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Our culture unintentionally trains us to lie to ourselves all the time without even realizing it.  We tell ourselves that we shouldn’t seek higher positions in our field, that we have no options because we have kids to support, that our professional accomplishments are no big deal,  that our business will just fail so we should talk about it a lot but never do anything about it or that we just weren’t born a leader and we should accept it as is. These lies are what keeps us stuck and from reaching our true potential and success.  

By combining traditional career counseling and business consulting with the latest consciousness, growth mindset and leadership techniques, my clients report laser sharp clarity, greater action and finally having the feeling that they have success. If you’re willing to do the work, I can support you in finding confidence, vision, and path to truly get what you want from work and life.

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We’ll know when its working. There will be no doubt. Its very, very clear. If there’s a question, we’ll ask it and figure it out.  Set up a consultation, book a session or buy a package!