“What Great Leaders Do” Lists are anti-helpful for most of us. They assume that all one needs to do is read the article and then just adopt those behaviors and then it’ll all be ok. Becoming the things in those lists take a lot of work – in understanding who we truly are and how we are programmed to see and interact with the world.

Making matters worse, no one teaches us how to be a good leader. Conflicting messages, attachment to outcomes, corporate image consciousness, egoes and the general dysfunctionality of human systems make it much harder.

The good news is that being a great leader is less about things that don’t feel right and more about things that do. Less ego-driven, worried, controlling and rushed. More authentic, positive, supportive and present. Great leaders don’t just do better at work – they enjoy their lives more.

We help leaders at every stage of their career build real success through authenticity and finding ways to play the game so it works for everyone – including them. Our clients report stronger connections at work, more energy throughout the day, greater productivity in their teams, and a renewed love for what they do.

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