The boxes are a state of mind

I’m Gretchen Hellman – a tech industry veteran and former executive who has a lifelong love of disrupting things – cultural stereotypes, dysfunctional group-think, and markets. Now I’m disrupting the way we work by researching and developing methods to bring greater joy and authentic success.  To do this, I bring together my product management, marketing, hiring manager and coaching expertise together to support my clients in developing clear requirements for their careers, have the packaging and confidence to go get it and remove any blocks that are in the way.

My rebellious streak does well with this new career I’ve chosen. I love proving over again that we actually get more of the things by worrying less, being more “real” and practicing greater self-kindness. The best part about what I do now is that I get to do that by hearing “I got the job!”, “Revenues are up!”, “I can finally quit!”, “I totally understand my boss now” and “I had a great leadership moment”from my clients again and again and again.

I offer 1:1 coaching to support clients in finding greater personal freedom and success in the art of work by virtual conference, phone, in-person at my office in Oakland or at your location in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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