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Are you Secretly Miserable


If so, your life might look something like this — You have done everything everyone told you you should do to create a happy life and yet you are secretly miserable. You look at what others have

How to Start Big Things


Any large undertaking is overwhelming which is why we stay so stuck. Big undertakings require us to try to predict the future, take us way out of our comfort zone, and present new information with

The Curiosity Experiment


The Shut Down vs. Curiosity This week in my coaching practice the overarching theme was all about finding power through curiosity.  A week at work can be hectic.  We often respond through shutting people down

Why Your Resume is Being Ignored


As a career coach, I get to dive into so many wonderful careers. In fact just this week I'm working in museum management, music education, graphic design, engineering management, executive leadership, electric vehicle quality, behavior

My Letter to Fear


Dear Fear, Thank you for being around those times I really needed you — like when I was 13 and needed to run from the creepy taxi driver who had his hand on my knee and when