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Principal  Career Coach and Founder  – Gretchen Hellman

Past: Misfit kid, teen rebel, single mom, breadwinner, engineer, product manager, marketer, hiring manager, Silicon Valley executive, empty nester, unhappy lady who made a lot of money, box escapist, coaching and leadership student, startup builder

Present: Success definer, career strategist, entrepreneur growth guide, truth seeker, fear wrangler, information finder, wordsmith, business planner, resume crafter, professional de-stresser, entrepreneur, box smasher, joy optimizer

Future: Looking forward to it

What People Are Saying

Having a business coach is boss! It makes such a difference having a seasoned strong executive to brainstorm ideas, use as a sounding board for my differentiation, help package my offerings, and hold me accountable in both thought and action.  I love our sessions!  Thanks!


I found Gretchen to be authentic and charismatic. While highly objective and focused on my outcomes, she was able to share aspects of her own journey that made our sessions collaborative and engaging. This led to insights and perspective I doubt I could have uncovered on my own. As a result, I came away from our experience with a level of focus, resolve and enthusiasm that I hadn’t experienced since the beginning of my career.

Jeff Combs, CyberSecurity Recruitment Leader