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As a professional executive recruiter, I’ve been informally coaching Cyber Security professionals for many years. However, when it came time to make decisions about my own career, I had trouble “seeing the forest for the trees”. Having worked with Gretchen in the past, I was excited to learn that she’d started her own coaching practice. Not long after, I became one of her first clients.

I admit to being somewhat skeptical at first, but by the end of our first session I was fully invested. Over the course of several weeks Gretchen helped me understand the internal and external obstacles that I was grappling with. She helped me focus on my core values and the goals that were most in line with my strengths and passion. And she helped me gain the courage and momentum to take action towards achieving those goals.

Personally, I found Gretchen to be authentic and charismatic. While highly objective and focused on my outcomes, she was able to share aspects of her own journey that made our sessions collaborative and engaging. This led to insights and perspective I doubt I could have uncovered on my own. As a result, I came away from our experience with a level of focus, resolve and enthusiasm that I hadn’t experienced since the beginning of my career.

Jeff Combs, CyberSecurity Recruitment Leader

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