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What is your leadership philosophy?2017-10-21T00:47:17-07:00

Everyone is a leader but the best leaders have developed a solid enough understanding of self to not let their ego or triggers influence their work.  Great leadership is usually about doing far less than more.  Its counterintuitive but it works.  Being a great leader takes constant development.  We are all born with the capacity to lead.  As we grow up, that capacity is either grown or reduced through our conditioning and experiences.  Its true that some personality types naturally like to lead more than others but it isn’t true that your leadership capacity is just a function of nature.  I work with leaders to identify and do more of what works for them and their teams and less of what doesn’t. 

Do you do leadership assessments?  2017-10-21T00:47:55-07:00

Yes!  I am certified on the Energy Leadership Index, a very effective tool to identify and clearly understand your current leadership style and have a solid path a stronger, more effective, less stressful leadership by consciously selecting the style of leadership to fit the situation.  It’s a very effective and widely used tool.  I can do this for individuals and groups.  Buy an Energy Leadership Index and Debrief here for you or someone you care about.

Do you do workshops?  2017-10-21T00:48:19-07:00

Yes!  I can easily customize a workshop for your team, school or group.  Contact me for details.

How would I work with you?  2017-10-21T00:49:09-07:00

In addition to the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and debrief I offer monthly packages to support leaders in overcoming stress, creating greater impact, and building strong teams.  You can also just sign up for a no-risk single session to see what it’s like.

What types of leaders have you worked with?  2017-10-21T00:50:28-07:00

I’ve worked with everyone from individual contributors looking to be more effective or are intent on moving into management to CEOs who see the benefit of the clarity and focus coaching sessions provide.  Titles of executive clients include director, VP and C-level in sales, marketing, engineering, customer success, finance and CEOs.

What does your Entrepreneur work look like?2017-10-21T00:52:46-07:00

Whether its going into consulting as a path, self employment or developing a product or service to fulfill a vision, building a business is one of the hardest and scariest things we can do.  It totally rocks the entire Maslow stack and puts our primal panic buttons on super-sensitive mode.  That’s totally normal.  What I do is partner with my entrepreneur clients to put that fear in its appropriate place by calling it out into the light.  Once that piece is chilled out, its possible to think about the business clearly.  I support rapid development of business plans that feel great through combining consciousness techniques and growth mindset with solid business and marketing know how.  Through that work, more “nos” turn into “yesses”, “assumptions” turn into “questions”,  and more “stucks” turn into “gos”.  The right questions get answered because my clients are brave enough to do so and the whole thing becomes clear. It is so much fun! If my clients want, I write their marketing copy because when a business is clear, it totally sings.  Plus, I’ve always had a way with words.  

What types of ways would I work with you?2017-10-21T00:54:36-07:00

There are a number of ways to engage.  I have packages for clarifying business plans, continuous entrepreneur support, or you can just book a single session and if you don’t like it – you don’t have to pay.  Unlike my career services, I’ve seen great benefits from regular, scheduled entrepreneur checkins either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  That depends on budget, cadence and priorities.  To get a recommendation, schedule a free consultation. 

What types of businesses do you work with?  2017-10-21T00:56:36-07:00

Growth mindset and consciousness  techniques work independent of the business type.  If you’re looking for direct business consulting  – e.g. make my business work for me or give me a funnel – I don’t do that.  I really believe that all those answers are out there for free and formulaic marketing strategy leads to greater failure than anything.  No one knows how to build your business because it hasn’t been done before.  I help you figure out what that looks like by forming focused hypotheses that directly relate to your vision and conducting experiments that get answers fast.  My client roster includes single proprietorship consulting/coaching as well as travel, food, hospitality and tech startups.

Do you write resumes?  2017-10-21T01:00:35-07:00

Yes I do.  I’m well practiced at writing resumes and understand how to develop strong ones for technical, creative, and business professions.  My experience as a hiring manager and marketer helps me out here extensively.  I have great experience at selling expensive things to busy executives and have been a busy executive who had to hire expensive talent. The way I work is a bit different than most resume writers in that I must have a target because the language is everything – and every job and industry have their own unique languages and success criterial.  The way I write resumes is by actively interviewing clients and writing it while we are working together.  That serves multiple purposes.  First, it helps with interview prep. Second, I get to build better value statements that are credible because we work it out together.  Third, the client totally agrees with and supports everything the resume says, which is critical because it will be used as a basis for interview questions  For those that are unsure about their job target, I help with that too. I will force in some things about job search strategy – because the resume is just a tool.  Its important to make the tool good – but the strategy is equally important.

Can you just look at my resume?  2017-10-21T01:01:46-07:00
Can you help me with my LinkedIn?2017-10-21T01:02:33-07:00

 Yes!  I can do that too.  I am a LinkedIn ninja and how you use it is just – if not more – important as how you look.  We’ll cover both positioning and use.  

Do you do interview prep?  2017-10-21T01:03:39-07:00

Yes!  And with great results.  Because I was a hiring manager and an executive for so long I’ve interviewed countless candidates.  I know what works and what doesn’t.  The secret is surprising!  Buy my interview prep package or just book an appointment and we’ll get into it! 

Can you help me get promoted?  2017-10-21T01:04:38-07:00

Sure!  As someone who was once an individual contributor wondering how I could move up I absolutely can support that.  I have a number of methods and tools to help my clients create an authentic executive presence and do the work it takes to get ahead.  Clients still have to do the work – but the path is there.  

How long will it take?2017-10-21T01:06:45-07:00

Check out my packages for common career coaching services. I’d love to get more specific on it, but every client is unique.  I never know what we’re going to find out and how quickly.  I can say that most clients see me for 2-8 sessions.  If I’m writing a resume, that takes 3 hours on average with added time for executives and career transitions.  

I hate my job and I’m not sure what to do.  Can you help with that?  2017-10-21T01:07:25-07:00

Yes!  Totally can.  I’m really good at sorting through the different triggers that cause work dissatisfaction and have lots of tools, experiments and tricks to clarify it further.  After this work, some clients find a renewed passion for their job, some realize its time for a new position and some find its time for a bigger career transition. The answer is already there.  We just need to find it.  Then we can work on the path.  

Can you help me make a decision about college or graduate school?2017-10-21T01:08:36-07:00

 Yes!!!  I love to do this.  So much money is wasted on going to the wrong program.  I’m an amazing information collector, finder and synthesizer.  Its well worth the money to do this work before making big decisions like this.  Check out my career roadmap package or schedule a consultation to cover an immediate question.

Who do you work with?2017-10-21T01:09:28-07:00

Check out my clients page for more information.

Can you help me decide what I want to do?  2017-10-21T01:11:19-07:00

Sure!  I love love love doing targeting work.  The secret is that great careers are far more about who you already are rather than what you want to be.  I start with the individual, taking real inventories (not just dumb charts) and find commonalities across passions, talents, personal kryptonite, work/life balance, and financial needs.  Then we find career paths to find one that feels good and fits.  Check out my targeting work or schedule a consultation.

I got laid off and have funds for career coaching.  Will you coordinate that with my company?  2017-09-10T18:21:50-07:00

Yes. I am happy to work with your company on the paperwork for this.

What does a session look like?  2017-10-21T01:13:35-07:00

Sessions start with me asking a TON of really good questions to cut through the noise and get to the heart of the issue.  If I have advice, clients have the option of keeping it, tossing  it, exploring it or putting it on hold.  As we move forward we come up with really strong findings that start making everything make sense.  Once we get the data around the internal profile clarified we go into external research mode.  I use job search engines, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Truity, and a ton of other information repositories to do interactive research with clients to get to a career path that feels good and works.  The way we do this is tailored to how each client works – planners get a plan that checks their boxes, intuitives get clear methods to gather more qualitative data about situation better, logicians get hypotheses to test to forward the understanding.

What does an engagement look like?2017-10-23T11:25:19-07:00

All successful engagements start with a consultation.  That’s the best way for me to understand where the client and their career, business or team is at and structure a plan to support them in getting what they want.  Sign up for a free consultation here.

How do I pay you?   2017-10-21T01:15:44-07:00

I charge via PayPal invoice and client pay with a credit card or PayPal account.

Is it tax deductible?  2017-10-21T01:16:34-07:00

I would check with your accountant for details.  For entrepreneur, it is absolutely a business expense.  For career, if you’re unemployed or to find another job in your field it typically is.  

How do I book a session?  2017-10-21T01:18:00-07:00

Visit my scheduling page. Its super easy!  If you can’t find a time that works for you, send me an email.

What makes you unique?  2017-10-21T01:19:42-07:00

I’ve built real businesses.  I’ve marketed products that sold for millions of dollars to enterprises, defined product roadmaps and business models, hired and interviewed tons of professionals, and presented in countless board meetings. I’ve been part of senior executive teams, worked hand in hand with engineers, creatives, and business.   I also have in-depth coaching and leadership experience and knowledge.  In my life I’ve discounted myself and then found my power, I’ve climbed the ladder and know what it looks like, I’ve been a bad leader and a good leader and know the difference.  Plus I’ve raised a daughter to adulthood and have had a fresh look at the mistruths, errors and missteps our cultural success machine contains. I’m incredibly empathic with the ability to find the thing behind the thing very quickly.  I’ve also struggled greatly with creating my own definition of success because I’m the daughter of someone who is a true luminary in their field.  I’ve got it now and its awesome.

How do we meet?  2017-10-21T01:20:09-07:00

We meet either at my Oakland office close Grand Ave./Lakeshore area, via video conference or phone with screen share.  I can also travel to clients for an additional fee based on their proximity to Oakland. 

Do I get things to do in-between sessions?  2017-10-21T01:21:51-07:00

Absolutely!  At the end of every session there is a plan of action.  The plan of action is designed to meet the clients goals and fit with their other time commitments.  We write this down in a shared document, sanity check it, and then agree it can be done.

Do you keep my information confidential?  2017-09-10T18:08:30-07:00

I absolutely do unless you don’t want me to. I’ve worked with the US Intelligence Community on their cybersecurity programs in the past.  I know how to keep a secret 😀 My clients privacy is very important to me.

How many do I have to sign up for?2017-09-10T18:08:55-07:00

 You only have to sign up for one.  I’m committed to maintaining my clients autonomy in the process.  Sometimes, not often, but sometimes one is enough – and isn’t that awesome?   Some people want packages, and that’s cool too.  Take a look at my packages here 

Can I buy your services as a gift?2017-09-10T18:09:01-07:00

 Yes!  I love being a gift.  It really makes me happy. 😀 All packages come with gift certificates that can be redeemed by a loved one.

How often do we meet?  2017-10-21T01:24:08-07:00

If everyone was the same, we wouldn’t need coaching to figure out how to optimize our differences.  I’m totally committed to that. Some clients want to go FAST! I meet with those clients multiple times a week.   Some clients want to go at a steady pace.  That means meeting weekly for a while and then when we get through the big ahas meeting less frequently depending on the task at hand. Some clients want to take their time – due to budgeting or how they like to process things and that’s cool too!  So we’ll meet bi-weekly or monthly.  I work it out directly with every client based on who they are.

Do you offer packages?2017-09-10T18:09:21-07:00

 Yes I do.  Read more about them here.

Why do you do careers, entrepreneurs and leaders? Why not just one?2017-10-21T01:28:01-07:00

I see the three as tied together.  My commitment is being able to support clients whatever their career question. These three cover all the career questions.  Many clients who are in a job search want to explore business ideas, many entrepreneurs think about going back to work and almost everyone is interested in increasing their leadership potential.   Plus, I’ve done an extensive amount of all three in my career and I apply coaching and leadership constructs to each area.  It is so much fun!  And I do my best work when I’m having fun.  Finally, I’m really really smart.  That’s not bragging. It comes with its benefits and challenges.   But since I’m really really smart my brain needs a lot of variety.  If you’re worried, no worries!  I offer a money back guarantee if you don’t like the first session.

Do you do speaking, classes or workshops?2017-10-21T01:28:59-07:00

Yes!  I love teaching and speaking.  I’ve done a lot of it.  In fact, once I get done writing FAQs for my website I might finally get around to developing the courseware for those workshops I’ve been wanting to offer.  😀 

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