Awesome Interview Prep

Interviews can be super tricky. We’re taught that winning the interview game is to be super impressive to everyone and make everyone like us. This puts a lot of pressure on job candidates – causing greater stress that hurts the interview process rather than helps it.

If the candidate is leaving a job they don’t like or have stress around their job history that can make matters even worse. Trying to find the right words to explain why something is ok that you still don’t think is ok is a pretty uncomfortable task.

The Awesome Interview Prep service helps job seekers cut through the stress and difficult task of preparing for interviews by using our proven methods to prepare, perform and connect. Developed directly from the experience of hiring managers, our approach is fully grounded in reality – not theory. Our clients report vastly improved interview performance and even greater enjoyment in the process.

This 1:1 coaching engagement includes:

  • 30 minute kickoff meeting to cover your objectives, concerns and priorities including a quick resume and interview prep review
  • 90 minute in person or videoconference session that teaches the process and provides practice and feedback rounds
  • A customized interview preparation checklist that will help you show up feeling confident, calm, and ready to connect

This can be used for general interview prep or to get ready for an upcoming interview. Check availability or call for immediate scheduling.