YOUR Career Roadmap

Do you feel like you keep getting and following career advice and it leads you nowhere? Most of us do. That’s because we were never taught to actually think about our careers in a meaningful way. From the time we are little, we are given conflicting messages about our careers.

Follow your dreams! Choose something marketable! Get a college degree because its important for success!

Yet we never are taught how to define what success is or how to make our dreams marketable. All of this drives us to set career courses that are unfulfilling,

YOUR Career Roadmap will help you cut through the noise, gain a real understanding of what kind of career you want based on who you are and what you want your life to look like. You’ll leave with an actionable and achievable career plan to start building the success you want on YOUR own terms.

Our approach combines the best of coaching, targeted marketing and career counseling methods to give unparalleled clarity and gut level confidence in how to navigate and define their career based on a combination of the unique happiness profile, interests, responsibilities and talents of the individual and what the job market offers.

This package includes:

  • Kickoff call to go through the process and answer any questions
  • Career Strategy Workbook to help clarify life objectives and requirements for a career that fits
  • 90 minute in-person or video conference 1:1 session to identify and research top career path choices
  • Customized research plan to map careers to ideal job profile
  • 60 minute wrap up session to create an achievable and customized goal oriented action career plan including closing the skills gap, positioning for the goal, overcoming roadblocks and an education, resume, networking and LinkedIn action plan
  • A full inventory of career preferences including happiness profile, unique talents, “kryptonite” tasks, values, personalized definition of success, desired outcomes from daily work, and life goals.
  • Creating a path for professionals at every stage to better define and realize their career goals
  • Providing clarity at any stage of the career