What does an engagement look like?

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All successful engagements start with a consultation.  That's the best way for me to understand where the client and their career, business or team is at and structure a plan to support them in getting what they want.  Sign up for a free consultation here.

How do I pay you?   

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I charge via PayPal invoice and client pay with a credit card or PayPal account.

Is it tax deductible?  

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I would check with your accountant for details.  For entrepreneur, it is absolutely a business expense.  For career, if you’re unemployed or to find another job in your field it typically is.  

How do I book a session?  

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Visit my scheduling page. Its super easy!  If you can't find a time that works for you, send me an email.

What makes you unique?  

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I’ve built real businesses.  I’ve marketed products that sold for millions of dollars to enterprises, defined product roadmaps and business models, hired and interviewed tons of professionals, and presented in countless board meetings. I've been part of senior executive teams, worked hand in hand with engineers, creatives, and business.   I also have in-depth coaching and

How do we meet?  

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We meet either at my Oakland office close Grand Ave./Lakeshore area, via video conference or phone with screen share.  I can also travel to clients for an additional fee based on their proximity to Oakland. 

Do I get things to do in-between sessions?  

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Absolutely!  At the end of every session there is a plan of action.  The plan of action is designed to meet the clients goals and fit with their other time commitments.  We write this down in a shared document, sanity check it, and then agree it can be done.

Do you keep my information confidential?  

2017-09-10T18:08:30-07:00September 10th, 2017||

I absolutely do unless you don’t want me to. I’ve worked with the US Intelligence Community on their cybersecurity programs in the past.  I know how to keep a secret :D My clients privacy is very important to me.

How many do I have to sign up for?

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 You only have to sign up for one.  I’m committed to maintaining my clients autonomy in the process.  Sometimes, not often, but sometimes one is enough – and isn’t that awesome?   Some people want packages, and that’s cool too.  Take a look at my packages here 

Can I buy your services as a gift?

2017-09-10T18:09:01-07:00September 10th, 2017||

 Yes!  I love being a gift.  It really makes me happy. :D All packages come with gift certificates that can be redeemed by a loved one.

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