I’ve built real businesses.  I’ve marketed products that sold for millions of dollars to enterprises, defined product roadmaps and business models, hired and interviewed tons of professionals, and presented in countless board meetings. I’ve been part of senior executive teams, worked hand in hand with engineers, creatives, and business.   I also have in-depth coaching and leadership experience and knowledge.  In my life I’ve discounted myself and then found my power, I’ve climbed the ladder and know what it looks like, I’ve been a bad leader and a good leader and know the difference.  Plus I’ve raised a daughter to adulthood and have had a fresh look at the mistruths, errors and missteps our cultural success machine contains. I’m incredibly empathic with the ability to find the thing behind the thing very quickly.  I’ve also struggled greatly with creating my own definition of success because I’m the daughter of someone who is a true luminary in their field.  I’ve got it now and its awesome.