Whether its going into consulting as a path, self employment or developing a product or service to fulfill a vision, building a business is one of the hardest and scariest things we can do.  It totally rocks the entire Maslow stack and puts our primal panic buttons on super-sensitive mode.  That’s totally normal.  What I do is partner with my entrepreneur clients to put that fear in its appropriate place by calling it out into the light.  Once that piece is chilled out, its possible to think about the business clearly.  I support rapid development of business plans that feel great through combining consciousness techniques and growth mindset with solid business and marketing know how.  Through that work, more “nos” turn into “yesses”, “assumptions” turn into “questions”,  and more “stucks” turn into “gos”.  The right questions get answered because my clients are brave enough to do so and the whole thing becomes clear. It is so much fun! If my clients want, I write their marketing copy because when a business is clear, it totally sings.  Plus, I’ve always had a way with words.