Yes I do.  I’m well practiced at writing resumes and understand how to develop strong ones for technical, creative, and business professions.  My experience as a hiring manager and marketer helps me out here extensively.  I have great experience at selling expensive things to busy executives and have been a busy executive who had to hire expensive talent. The way I work is a bit different than most resume writers in that I must have a target because the language is everything – and every job and industry have their own unique languages and success criterial.  The way I write resumes is by actively interviewing clients and writing it while we are working together.  That serves multiple purposes.  First, it helps with interview prep. Second, I get to build better value statements that are credible because we work it out together.  Third, the client totally agrees with and supports everything the resume says, which is critical because it will be used as a basis for interview questions  For those that are unsure about their job target, I help with that too. I will force in some things about job search strategy – because the resume is just a tool.  Its important to make the tool good – but the strategy is equally important.